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Cash Force: The Home Stretch

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Now that we are in the swing of remote work, the team is pushing the final 3 weeks of working on Cash Force. With our Senior Show on May 8th, we are putting in the final touches and polishing off our existing systems and art to get everything working and looking as intended. We have been presenting our progress over Google Hangout calls each week and been receiving feedback from our peers and professors on the changes made each sprint. This feedback has been crucial in prioritizing our efforts the past few weeks.

Missions, UI, and Madness

My main focus the past few sprints has been on the Gameplay loop of Cash Force. From spawning in the safehouse as a new recruit to coming back from your thousandth heist, we wanted Cash Force to be easy to understand and rewarding to master. To get there, we needed to supply the player with an understanding of how to get there and what they need to accomplish. Using the strengths of VR and player interaction I created grabbable objects for player UI and input selection. These are currently being used for mission selection before entering the van, but in the future might have more uses throughout Cash Force!

Guns and More Guns

Working with Karl we have been able to finish off the core gun implementation for our game with all the correct grabbing logic in place! We are happy to finally complete this milestone for our features and start to work on making everything guns feel incredible. Karl has spent countless hours refining this system and I'm happy to see it in it's current state. We will continue to work and polish the gun system in our game, but as of right now, we are happy with it's spot in development

Spicing Up The Safehouse

As a team we have been working to add some life to our safehouse and make it more interactive for players to feel at home in their new home. Things we have been implementing include a time trial to test you skills, an arsenal store to get new guns, and some new art to liven up the hideout. There are plans to add even more to create a sense of ownership and customization to give the player a sense of space.

Moving Forward

Over the next couple of weeks we will be finishing off the remainder of our tasks for Cash Force. We hope to deliver as much content as we anticipated at the start of the semester, but with the constantly developing circumstances of Covid-19 we have had some hiccups in implementing everything we intended. There is much work to be done and enough time to do it all. But till next time, it's time to get back to coding!

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