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Exploring VR & UI: Part 3

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

With some time from the last update on my VR and UI exploration, we have had the interesting situation of Covid-19 taking the world by storm. With this my Console Programming class took a hit in workload due to the situation for colleges around the nation and my progress was slower than originally planned. I made some cuts to my timeline and decided focusing heavily on one widget would be the best use of my time and delivery a more satisfying prototype. I spent a month prototyping the dial and eventually released some update on my current progress through demonstration of the dial.

This demonstration was for the core mechanic of the Push Dial, being a dial to adjust input into a VR application or game. My next steps took me to implementing the Push part of the Push Dial, which would allow the player to set the information they have put in and allow it to be output to another widget for a developer to hook up. This also provided the player with more feedback on when they wanted to submit their input and have some more tactile interaction with their input. So over the following weeks I would finish off the final steps in creating the push features and adding some additional audio, haptic, and visual feedback to give the player a sense of control and understanding when interacting with the Push Dial.

With the dial now in a good state of prototype and now proven the concept, I finished off the previous video with what I learned when exploring UI concepts in VR and some takeaways for when I hope to continue working on this project at a later time.


For the meantime this is the end to this prototype! I hope to share and explore more UI methods in VR in the future and possible look into more ways that information can be sent and received by a player. With the constantly evolving technology around VR I hope to see more interactive means of input that could open up new worlds to UI in games and applications. For now we can only improve and innovate with our current technology and fine new ways to deliver quality player experiences.

More information on this prototype can be found on my Github, where you can also find the build to test out the prototype yourself. Any feedback on what could be done to improve this prototype or what you would like to see next would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading and till next time, I need to get back to coding!

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