Cash Force is a high-octane VR shooter about a cop gone rogue, determined to take down a rival crime syndicate in a colorful 1970’s inspired setting. Lock, load, and let loose using a flashy arsenal of manually operated weapons, blasting through enemies in hot pursuit from the back of your getaway van.


Cash Force provides an immersive and accessible VR experience, emphasising arcade style gameplay over intense simulation. Streamlined weapon interactions, like loading and shooting, retain the high level of interactivity and immersion VR is known for while keeping players in the action. The excitement and tension of car chase scenes from 70’s crime films are emulated through frantic gameplay scenarios. In-depth reward systems ensure risk and experience are met with high reward. Cash Force is a stylish, thrilling, and over-the-top shoot em’ up that strives to challenge players no matter their mastery!

Engage in fast-paced, combat focused jobs: from taking out specific enemies, fleeing a job gone wrong, or earning enough funds to skip town. Mission difficulty that adjusts by playstyle challenges even the most seasoned players. Battle a crew of groovy gangsters while tearing through city streets, fending off various vehicles and enemies that adapt in response to player progress. Completing missions and performing skillful shots on enemies earns cash for purchasing new weapons and upgrades! 


As programming lead, my contribution to the team was split between creating the procedural generation system for cities and assisting with various gameplay systems throughout the team. Lots of my time was also put into various aspects of system design for the handling / interaction system, as it was a critical feature of our game and required a very clean and modular design to work flawlessly with the many other systems that relied on it in throughout development.

Working within all disciplines, I created our procedural generation system. Using a unique method of generation, I was able to provide designers with the ability to modify the generation method to their desire. Implementing A* pathfinding also provided a means of creating paths throughout our city for mission. Finally, incorporating our AI system to work flawlessly around the city. Overall, this system taught me a lot about multi-disciplined pipelines


Meet The Team

Austin Roorda

Lead Producer

I’m Austin! I like to play games and manage teams of people who play video games. I’m a retro game collector and I also enjoy riding my longboard if it’s nice out