PuzzleForm is a 2D puzzle platformer that requires quick thinking and even quicker reactions. Use various block types to build up platforms and advance to the next level. But be quick, because you are racing the clock!


PuzzleForm was created during my Fall 2018 semester in Montreal. It was developed for an Advanced Seminar in Game Programming class taught by Neil Devine, Lead Developer - World Building at Unity, Montreal. The class was focused on every step of the game development process, with the goal of the class focused on students working independently to create a gold version of their game with an accompanying trailer for the end of the semester. Along the way students and special guests would play-test each others builds and give feedback. Through this process we iterated and refined our gameplay over that course of the semester.

The intent of PuzzleForm was to create simple puzzle designs that required creative thinking. With the core mechanic of the game allowing players to place platforms almost anywhere, this required a unique method of level design. To create puzzles, I started with a completed level and deconstructed it to create where players would need to place blocks. This often led to unique challenges for the player to not only know where to place blocks, but in what order.