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Simple Sandwich is a top down, 3D,“couch competitive” game, which pins 4 players against each other as slices of bread trying to create the BIGGEST and BEST sandwiches to serve up to hungry customers before time runs out!




Dinner time is coming up faster than we expected and all leftover food will be thrown away! Only the fanciest and most dashing sandwich will survive the dinner onslaught. Compete to make the best / most sandwiches before dinner time! Players take control of a slice of bread who is running loose on a kitchen table. Their goal is to jump on ingredients that are crawling around the map in order to add them to their sandwich. When a player has made a nice sandwich, either adding ingredients to make a specific recipe or just to make a towering sandwich, they can add a piece of bread to cap of their sandwich and bring it to the plate for points!

The intent of Simple Sandwich is to create a fast paced, frantic, and humorous couch competitive experience in which enjoyment is derived from the silliness of the gameplay and player interaction, i.e “screwing over your friends”. Players will experience hectic competition in which the tide can be turned easily at the last second as they disrupt and out-sandwich their opponents, resulting in lots of laughs at the end of a close game.



As lead programmer I heavily contributed to the overall system architecture and implementation for Simple Sandwich. My main contributions were the recipes system, art-to-game pipeline, and most UI programming. While I had a hand in all systems due to the rapid prototyping for the few months of development, with additions to the team I was able to move away from the AI and gameplay programming to work on needed quality of development work

The recipe system / tool is what allowed our development pipeline to speed up immensely. Previously importing assets into the editor and creating combinations of ingredients needed for recipes types took minutes each. For a game that had well over +100 recipes, this was a lot of time. Using scriptable objects and a custom inspector, I reduced the time of the recipe pipeline to seconds per recipe, drastically increasing our efficiency with importing recipe assets.




Meet The Team


Austin Roorda

Lead Producer

I’m Austin! I like to play games and manage teams of people who play video games. I’m a retro game collector and I also enjoy riding my longboard if it’s nice out

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